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ATK: 4
DEF: 4
SPD: 3
STR: 3
RES: 2
WIL: 5
Life: 24
Endurance: 15

Available Disciplines:
Divine Light
Elemental Lineage
Arms Master
Supreme Tactician

Starting Skills:
  • Two level-1 skills of choice from Divine Light Discipline
  • One level-1 skill of choice from any available Discipline
Playable Factions:
Hosts of Redemption
Starting Deck:
6 x Downswing Strong
6 x Downswing
6 x Swing Strong
6 x Swing High
6 x Swing Low
6 x Sweep
6 x Thrust High
6 x Feint Low
6 x Shield Hook
6 x Disarm
6 x Touch
6 x Throw Weapon
6 x Thrust Low
6 x Feint High
6 x Leg Hook
6 x Tripping
6 x Duck
6 x Parry High
6 x Jump Up
6 x Parry Low
6 x Dodge
6 x Dodge Back
6 x Retreat
6 x Close In
6 x Guard

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The Angelus (latin) according to the Jewish religious tradition are mal'akh Adonai or God's messengers. However many religions contemplate them as semi-divine beings, as messengers and helpers for mankind, but also as frontline soldiers in the fight against demons and monsters. Those who consider themselves Angeloi, tend to cluster in the most active factions in the struggle for redemption. They believe they are the true first chosen and fully embrace their role as guides of souls (in one sense or another).

An Angelus, to the second sight, looks like a human being of perfect features, often with white feathered wings and various lighting effects, usually a halo. Angeloi usually tend to prefer light and bright colors, but this is not a rule.


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