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ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 5
STR: 3
RES: 2
WIL: 4
Life: 24
Endurance: 14

Available Disciplines:
Apocalypse Path
Arms Master
Supreme Tactician

Starting Skills:
  • Two level-1 skills of choice from Apocalypse Path Discipline
  • One level-1 skill of choice from any available Discipline
Playable Factions:
Legions of Apocalypse
Starting Deck:
6 x Downswing Strong
6 x Downswing
6 x Swing Strong
6 x Swing High
6 x Swing Low
6 x Sweep
6 x Tail Sweep
6 x Thrust High
6 x Feint Low
6 x Shield Hook
6 x Disarm
6 x Touch
6 x Throw Weapon
6 x Thrust Low
6 x Feint High
6 x Leg Hook
6 x Tripping
6 x Duck
6 x Parry High
6 x Jump Up
6 x Parry Low
6 x Dodge
6 x Dodge Back
6 x Retreat
6 x Close In
6 x Guard

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The ancient greek word “daimon” denotes a spirit or a divine power, much like the latin “genius” or “numen”. The original term does not have any connotations of evil or malevolence. With the passage of time and the affirmation of the Jewish and Christian religions, the term has become "demon", indicating all the supernatural creatures outside of the divine armies, including the "old gods". Those who consider themselves daimons, are vicious and embittered creatures. According to their nature, they may be brutes warmongers or lustful temptresses, but they are always selfish traitors.

The Daimons, to the second sight, appear in many different forms. Some resemble attractive humans with small horns, bat wings and forked tail, while others look like alien monsters with tentacles, claws and other disturbing appendages.

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