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ATK: 4
DEF: 4
SPD: 2
STR: 3
RES: 5
WIL: 2
Life: 30
Endurance: 18

Available Disciplines:
Elemental Lineage
Arms Master
Supreme Tactician

Starting Skills:
  • Two level-1 skills of choice from Elemental Lineage Discipline
  • One level-1 skill of choice from any available Discipline
Playable Factions:
Hosts of Redemption
Legions of Apocalypse
Starting Deck:
6 x Downswing Strong
6 x Downswing
6 x Swing Strong
6 x Swing High
6 x Swing Low
6 x Sweep
6 x Tail Sweep
6 x Thrust High
6 x Feint Low
6 x Shield Hook
6 x Disarm
6 x Touch
6 x Throw Weapon
6 x Thrust Low
6 x Feint High
6 x Leg Hook
6 x Tripping
6 x Duck
6 x Parry High
6 x Jump Up
6 x Parry Low
6 x Dodge
6 x Dodge Back
6 x Retreat
6 x Close In
6 x Guard

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The word "Wyrm", in Old English, indicates a dragon or a dragon-like creature, a legendary being with reptilian traits that appears in mythology and folklore of many countries around the world. There are two main traditions regarding the dragons, the Western one that puts its roots in the myths of Greece and the Middle East, and Chinese, which lays the foundation for the myths about these creatures in the entire Far East.

Although the two traditions evolved separately, they are nevertheless influenced by each other. The major distinction between the two, at least in more recent times, is that the Western tradition usually sees dragons as adversaries and more generally as forces of evil to to be defeated by the hero of the story. In Eastern mythology, instead, dragons are gods, or godlike creatures with positive connotations. Both cultures present them as creatures linked to the forces of nature, they can breathe fire or unleash floods and earthquakes, depending on the context. Those who believe to have the blood of the Wyrm are creatures related to one or more natural elements, and usually prefer to take reptilian forms.

A Wyrm, to the second sight, looks like a humanoid with some reptilian traits. These may include: leathery wings, horns, spines, scales all over the body and often a powerful tail. Some individuals can also display visibly their alliance with one or more of natural elements, for example by showing off some flames coming out of their nostrils, while others are perpetually surrounded by enchanted mists.

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