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ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 4
STR: 3
RES: 4
WIL: 3
Life: 28
Endurance: 17

Available Disciplines:
Arms Master
Supreme Tactician

Starting Skills:
  • Two level-1 skills of choice from Blood Discipline
  • One level-1 skill of choice from any available Discipline
Playable Factions:
Hosts of Redemption
Legions of Apocalypse
Starting Deck:
6 x Downswing Strong
6 x Downswing
6 x Swing Strong
6 x Swing High
6 x Swing Low
6 x Sweep
6 x Thrust High
6 x Feint Low
6 x Shield Hook
6 x Disarm
6 x Grab and Bite
6 x Touch
6 x Throw Weapon
6 x Thrust Low
6 x Feint High
6 x Leg Hook
6 x Tripping
6 x Duck
6 x Parry High
6 x Jump Up
6 x Parry Low
6 x Dodge
6 x Dodge Back
6 x Retreat
6 x Close In
6 x Guard

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According to folklore, the Vampir, from which the english word “vampire” is derived, is an undead creature that feeds on life force, usually the blood of the living. The most common type of vampire in the Western culture has been made famous by Bram Stoker's Dracula, a creature accursed, a direct emanation of the evil forces that sow terror and death in order to remain in "life". In recent years, vampires have enjoyed new popularity in the contemporary literature have become ambiguous or even positive figures that with the tradition have in common only the feeding on blood.

Because of this, those who consider themselves Vampir vary greatly in style and habits. Some, usually the oldest, are real monsters, immortals who totally rejected their own humanity, while others tend to be more similar to the mortals on which they feed.

A Vampir, to the second sight, looks like a pale and bloodless human being, sharp-toothed, often with pronounced canines similar to real fangs, just as described by the majority of modern media. More rarely, they can look more animalistic or show truly monstrous shapes.


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