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ATK: 3
DEF: 4
SPD: 5
STR: 3
RES: 2
WIL: 4
Life: 24
Endurance: 14

Available Disciplines:
Divine Light
Arms Master
Supreme Tactician

Starting Skills:
  • Two level-1 skills of choice from Faerie Discipline
  • One level-1 skill of choice from any available Discipline
Playable Factions:
Hosts of Redemption
Legions of Apocalypse
Starting Deck:
6 x Downswing Strong
6 x Downswing
6 x Swing Strong
6 x Swing High
6 x Swing Low
6 x Sweep
6 x Thrust High
6 x Feint Low
6 x Shield Hook
6 x Disarm
6 x Touch
6 x Throw Weapon
6 x Thrust Low
6 x Feint High
6 x Leg Hook
6 x Tripping
6 x Duck
6 x Parry High
6 x Jump Up
6 x Parry Low
6 x Dodge
6 x Dodge Back
6 x Retreat
6 x Close In
6 x Guard

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The Alfar (singular Alfr, in Old Norse) are supernatural creatures of the ancient traditions of Scandinavian, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon folklore. In folktales, they are creatures related to nature, with great magical powers, who can be friendly or very dangerous according to their whim. Those who consider themselves Alfar are very connected to Nature, are individualistic, independent and proud and yet tend to be honorable. They can lean as likely to good as to evil,  and can be merciless if they believe they have been wronged.

Normally an Alfr, to the second sight, looks like a human being particularly handsome and graceful, with slightly pointed ears. Some individuals especially receptive to Nature may have a skin coloration vaguely translucent or similar to that of the plants, while others emit a slight luminescence, visible only under low illumination.

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