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Ordalia Characters

Each setting has different Archetypes from which to create a playing Character, and each character can be personalized with different skills, equipment and maneuvers making him or her unique. Players can use their account on Ordalia's website to manage their characters, choosing their combat card decks and equipment in different configurations as they see fit for the current roleplaying situation.

Each Character is defined by a set of characteristics values, which determine his or her capabilities in the game. In the Official Ordalia Settings these main stats are rated from 1 (poorest) to 6 (highest), and are:

  • Attack (ATK)
  • Defense (DEF)
  • Strength (STR)
  • Speed (SPD)
  • Resistance (RES)
  • Will (WIL)
Characters also have different values of Life points, defining how much damage they can take before being defeated, and different armor protection values according to the armor worn.

Finally, the Endurance value of a character defines his or her resistance to Fatigue. Briefly, the amount and type of equipment worn defines an Encumbrance value for the character; each round that the character chooses an Attack Maneuver, this value is added to his Fatigue. When the character's Fatigue reaches the Endurance score (or a multiple of it), the character enters a new Fatigue Level, with increasing penalties. A character can diminish his Fatigue playing Defense Maneuvers to take some breath.

So, a character wearing heavy armor and using heavy weapons can be very dangerous, but can get tired easily and lose some edge against a faster opponent.

Each character Archetype offers a different set of values for the game main stats, and allows to choose Skills in different fields of knowledge (known as Disciplines). In turn, skill levels allow to use specific Event cards (each associated to a specific Skill and level), to affect the outcome of the match. Each game settings has its own set of Disciplines and Skills (and associated Event cards) available to the Characters.

Ordalia Characters advance their capabilities gaining Experience Points (XP) winning combats and completing quests and missions. XPs allow Characters to gain Levels of Experience, and to improve their Skill levels too. In fact, a Character can acquire Skills only up to a Level equal to his or her Experience Level.
Gaining a new Experience level thus allows to improve Skill levels too, and unlocks the purchase of more powerful Event cards. Moreover, many Maneuver and Equipment cards can only be used by Characters having the required minimum Experience Level (as defined by cards prerequisites).

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