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Ordalia Event Cards

Event cards are the other main type of cards used in Ordalia. Each Event card represents the use of a specific Skill or spell, allowing Characters to use some special abilities to boost their characteristics and/or Maneuvers, or to affect the opponents or themselves in some other way.
Event cards can never be played alone, but always before the Maneuver card for that combat round. Most Event cards have prerequisites stating when they can be used,and many cards define some conditions that have to be met so that the card has its full effect (like hitting the opponent, or not being hit instead). Since Events are played before the Manouver, it is possible to play them unsuccessfully, so it is important to choose the right time and the right Maneuver to use with them.
The use of Event cards makes the result of matching Maneuvers unpredictable, as Events can sometimes turn a dangerous situation into an opportunity for a killing strike.

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  • 1. Title: This is the name of the card. The bar's gold color indicates that it is an Event card.
  • 2. Ordalia Logo.
  • 3. User Prerequisites: this set of icons shows the conditions the user must meet (if any) to play the card successfully.
  • 4. Opponent Prerequisites: a set of icons representing the conditions the opponent must meet (if any), to play the card successfully.
  • 5. Effects on Target: a list of icons indicating the special effects that will affect the target (like modifiers to target's combat values or character Status changes) if all the card prerequisites will be satisfied.
  • 6. Associated Skill and Discipline: Skill name and Discipline icon associated to the Event card.
  • 7. Timing: specifies the moment in the round in which the Event can have effect. It can be Immediate, i.e. before matching the played Maneuvers, or Delayed, i.e. after the game has matched the played Maneuvers.
  • 8. Target: this icon specifies who is the target of the Event card. If the background color is red, the target is the opponent. If the background color is green, the taget is the character playing the card.
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